About AfroAgEng

AfroAgEng was formed on the occasion of the CIGR International Technical Symposium held at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in November 2012.
During a Special Session on the status of agricultural engineering education, research and practice in Africa convened by Professor Umezuruike Linus Opara, participants from Africa and the rest of the world recognised the urgent need for a continental network of engineers and other stakeholders to promote the profession and practice of agricultural engineering in the continent. Following extended deliberation, it was unanimously agreed to form the Pan African Society for Agricultural Engineering, and an executive committee was elected.


The need for a professional network of agricultural and biosystems engineers in Africa

Abstract: Agricultural productivity in Africa remains the lowest in the world, but recent concerns about food insecurity, rising food prices and resource depletion have spurred world-wide interest about the role of African agriculture in feeding Africa and the world. Majority of world’s uncultivated agricultural land is in Africa, yet the capacity to harness this resource remains limited due partly to very low application of innovative technologies which contribute to improved factor productivity. Postharvest loss remains high in Africa due to inadequate infrastructure, limited agro-processing and other value addition activities, and lack of favourable policies. These challenges present unique opportunities for agricultural and biosystems engineers in Africa and around the world to come together as a critical mass of educators, researchers and thought leaders to drive the change needed to transform African agriculture. AfroAgEng will stimulate, promote and shape the education, research, policy and practice of agricultural and biosystems engineering in Africa. Read more......